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    Robert Revels is a seasoned professional artist and University Instructor. Robert’s high attention to detail, ever-evolving skill set, and his commitment to deliver his very best have earned him a reputation that is highly respected. He is expert in 3D Modeling, Illustration, and both Traditional and Digital Painting . Robert has worked on a variety of projects ranging from children's books to large concert backdrops for artists including Carlos Santana and U2. He is the recipient of numerous awards among them, a Judges Choice Award from the San Francisco and New York Society of Illustrator's. Since 2000, Robert has served on faculty teaching at his alma mater, The Academy of Arts University in San Francisco, CA where he specializes in teaching Illustration. Robert also offers professional contract work and private consulting. https://www.linkedin.com/in/robertdrevels/

    Robert Revels

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“Robert Revels is by far the best teacher teaching digital painting at the Academy of Art University. His methods of instruction was able to produce results for me fast that I desperately needed to completely change my portfolio so it was relatable to a very fast changing concept design industry.”

© Erwin Madrid

Erwin Madrid

“Robert Revels has impressed me with his near encyclopedic knowledge with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Often with any problem I had in these programs he was able to explain multiple solutions, leaving me to decide the best route on my own. His approach addresses the practical and technical aspects of digital art, ensuring he is unbiased when it comes to an individual’s style. My only regret with him is not taking his more advanced courses as the introductory course did not take full advantage of his experience. His instruction is patient, thorough and comes with my highest recommendation.”

© R.M. Winch

R.M. Winch

“During my time at the Academy of Art University, Robert was one of my very favorite instructors. Not only was he a great resource for his students, but he was super attentive and approachable. I felt like the 2 semesters I had with him was where I found the most growth in terms of my digital painting skills. His feedback was always tuned to each student and their skill level, and never felt abstract or out of reach.”

© Mingjue Helen Chen

Mingjue Helen Chen

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